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Featured news

PepsiCo scoops Europe Top Employer honour 12 March 2014

PepsiCo scoops Europe Top Employer honour

PepsiCo has achieved it highest ever Europe Top Employer ranking, finishing second in the overall list for 2014.
The company moved up one place in the benchmarking league table from 2013.

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Pepsi's Challenge
The Promise of PepsiCo: Performance with Purpose

History of Pepsico in Europe

History of Pepsico in Europe

PepsiCo began to widely expand its distribution in Europe in the 1980s, following its successful transition into Eastern Europe in 1966. Today it is one of the leading food and beverage companies in Europe, employing 60,000 people in the region with a presence across 11 time zones and 45 countries.

With annual revenues of $13 billion for the region, PepsiCo Europe offers more than 200 brands to over 880 million consumers. These include Pepsi-Cola beverages, Frito-Lay snacks, Tropicana juices and Quaker food products, as well as treasured regional brands unique to Europe such as Walkers crisps, Copella, Paw Ridge, Snack-a-Jack, Duyvis, Tasty, Matutano, Sandora, Yedigun, Lebedyansky juices and many others.

PepsiCo′s European presence has recently expanded further with its acquisition of Russian juice and dairy product brand Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods in December 2010. The company has invested heavily in the region over the last 4 years, including the acquisitions of Lebedyanasky, a popular juice company in Russia, and Sandora, a Ukrainian juice company.

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